Eating Out on Summer Vacation

Sunday - Chicken Pot Pie , Broccoli
Monday - Chicken and Mango Salad
Tuesday - Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Wedges, Green Beans
Wednesday - Baked Salmon , Rice Pilaf
Thursday - Swimming Angel Chicken
Friday - Tacos

We tend to eat out a lot when we're on summer vacation. Eating out in general can be tricky for someone on a gluten-free diet. It has, however, gotten so much easier than it used to be. The first thing you can ask is "Do you have a gluten-free menu?". This may not work everywhere but it's common enough now to give it a try. Many restaurants either have a gluten-free menu or mark gluten-free options on the menu.

There is a bit of skill involved in navigating a menu that does not cater to people on a gluten-free diet. One trick that seems to work well is to order a basic entree such as steak, grilled chicken, or fish with simple sides. Of course, always make sure to ask if any sauces are used and ask about soy sauce in particular. Also if you think that bread may be served with your meal ask for them to leave it off or if someone else in your party wants it make sure that they serve it on the side and don't put it on top of the meal.

Mexican restaurants have a lot of gluten-free options. Most Mexican restaurants have a corn tortilla option for fajitas and tacos. Indian restaurants also have a lot of gluten-free dishes. Pretty much everything but the bread or naan is gluten-free. Greek and Mediterranean restaurants also have a lot of gluten-free entrees with rice being a big part of the diet. Sushi works well if you bring your own soy sauce. We've ordered our own gluten-free soy sauce packets in the past. They are inconspicuous and easy to put in a purse or pocket before heading out to sushi. Make sure to avoid imitation crab that is used sometimes in the rolls though as it contains wheat.

You can buy the soy sauce packets online. Here are the links :

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