Holiday Giving

The holiday season is a great time  to remember people less fortunate than ourselves.

I came across a site called  Their mission is to fight hunger and help people get the gluten-free food they need.  Here is a list that Pierces Pantry collected of different food banks distributing gluten-free food in the United States.

I contacted Tracy at Pierce's Pantry and asked if there was anything that we can do to help her this holiday season.  It turned out that there is a family in deep need that does need help.  If there is anything you can do please send the help to Pierce's Pantry.  If you would like to donate to this cause here is a link to donate to Pierce's Pantry.

Also, I recently called the North Texas food bank and they do not specifically collect gluten-free items, but will definitely take them. They also mentioned that they are in need of the following items and I'm guessing many of your local food banks will have similar needs :

Canned Food

It looks like there are a lot of ways that we can help!