About Gluten Free Week

What is GlutenFreeWeek?
GlutenFreeWeek is about what to eat on a gluten-free diet.  The website focuses on gluten-free menus and recipes to keep you and your family healthy.  Here we have menu plans and recipes that help you to get ideas and get organized for the week. 

How to Use the Site
This website shows menus, recipes and shopping lists that we use to get through our busy weeks. Every week I add a new menu and shopping list that my family uses. To use the shopping list either log on to the free membership and have access to add some of the recipes to the shopping list or become a premium member to get access to the advanced shopping functionality that allows you to add or delete recipes and ingredients as well as add any recipe on the site to the shopping list. After building your customized list you can print or email it to yourself and then head to the store!

My Story
My name is Lori and I built this website in 2008 (originally as TheGlutenFreeWeek.com). It started when my husband and I worked long hours and had commutes in Los Angeles. After work, I would get home and eat only a little, or not at all and he would scrounge around trying to find something to eat. Eventually we decided to make the extra effort and have dinner time. In order to make it happen we had to be extremely organized. After reading a few week night cookbooks we started to understand that if we planned out our weeks on the weekends, we could quickly make the planned meal during the week. Other tricks included making the time intensive part of the meal on the weekend and then using leftovers in creative ways throughout the week. We thought we had that figured out and then another wrench was thrown in our plan - we found out my husband had celiac disease. We had to eliminate wheat, barley and rye from my husband's meals. This meant that I needed to learn about gluten-free cooking as I am the main chef in my household. It has been a journey. I've learned so much more about baking and cooking than I ever thought I would and I view that as a positive.

So that's my story. What's yours? Log in to add comments and tell us about it.