Blueberries Week

This Week's Gluten-Free Menu :

Sunday - Chicken Soup
Monday -Tacos
Tuesday - Crock-Pot Pulled Pork, Vegetable Medley
Wednesday - Salmon, Rice, Spinach
Thursday - Simple Weeknight Chicken, Broccoli
Friday - GF Pulled Pork Sandwiches

About This Week's Menu
This week is another simple week. We're using the crock pot for pulled pork and have a lot of family favorites on the menu. Generally trying to keep it simple. On Friday we're going to us leftovers to make pulled pork sandwiches or maybe we'll try to make pork quesadillas instead to make it more fun.

Blueberries Week
Why Blueberries? Well, most of all they taste awesome. They have also been touted to soften dry skin, boost your brain, and maybe even prevent cancer.

This week blueberries are the them and I've made blueberry muffins. I tried a couple of different recipes. I'm in the camp that thinks that blueberry muffins should taste good and so I don't worry too much about them being healthy. My recipe does have a lot of blueberries in it though so they're healthful in that respect. Blueberries, it seems, can be put into salad, sauces, smoothies and all sorts of desserts. It can even be used for baby food.

Blueberry Smoothies