holiday weight gain

Preventing the Holiday Bulge

Thanksgiving turkey

This week's gluten-free menu:

Sunday - Roast Chicken , Rice Pilaf, Squash
Monday - Chicken and Rice Soup, Tortilla Crisps
Tuesday - Burgers, Green Salad
Wednesday - Migas, Tomato and Cucumber Salad
Thursday - Thanksgiving Dinner
Friday - Turkey Tetrazzini and Leftovers

Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

The Holidays are here and it's time to eat some good food, but is there a way to prevent the extra pounds that often come with the holiday season? This year my husband and I have been trying to prepare for the holidays by tracking our weight and trying to get a handle on it before the holidays. How are we doing it? Well, by recording our weight everyday and there are all sorts of cools ways to do it. I've been using a mobile app for my phone called Happy Scale. It's free and pretty easy to use. There are plenty of other cool weight loss apps to explore if you want to do the research as well. My husband has a more elaborate system where he tries to keep his weight between an upper curve and lower curve with all sorts of excel spreadsheets, but it's similar in that we just weigh ourselves everyday. When we do that we can quickly see patterns that are causing things to go in the wrong direction and we can correct them by taking extra long walks or avoiding something sugary.

The other thing that we've been doing is not avoiding fat. It seems unintuitive because we've been taught to eat a low fat diet for so many years, but a big trend now is to not be afraid of fat. The theory is that the higher fat foods actually help you to keep your weight down because most people eat less with a high fat diet! I'm not ready to eat lots of fatty meats (fyi there are plenty of people who believe in this theory who are), but I am ready to give things like coconut oil and coconut milk and high fat vegetables like avocados more of a chance. I've even started drinking 2% milk instead of skim or 1% and the added benefit is that it tastes so good!

So Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your families and friends and your food, but if you're afraid of gaining weight, try tracking it!

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