"What Am I Going to Eat?"

Living gluten-free has never been particularly easy. But it’s getting easier; note, I did not say easy, but easier.

You have to keep in mind how important food and diet is or has become to the person with celiac disease. While eating is most likely second nature to you and me and to most other people, that is simply not the case for the person with a gluten intolerance. Food and diet have become a way of life.

If you live with or around someone with celiac disease, I’m sure you’re familiar with their very real and ongoing question, “What am I going to eat?” It’s what they have to think about every time they shop at a grocery store, go out to a restaurant, accept an invitation where food will be served, and while traveling or on vacation.

You already know it takes planning, and usually a lot of planning ahead, to ensure the availability of a wholesome, nutritious, well-rounded, as well as gluten-free, meal and diet.

As I said previously, it is getting easier. It may help to realize that things are now 1000 percent better than they used to be just a few years ago. Back then (and I’m talking as late as the 1990s), almost no one had ever heard of gluten and certainly not celiac disease, even some physicians. There was almost no information available, and, if you read my last blog, food labeling was abysmal.

Now, almost everyone has at least heard of gluten even if they’re not sure what it is. You’ve probably also noticed more and more grocery chains and restaurants carrying gluten-free items on their shelves and menus. Fantastic.

And with websites, such as glutenfreeweek.com, and others, planning and planning ahead is easier than ever. You now have access to great recipes that are easy to prepare, and as the name implies, you can plan gluten-free meals ahead on a weekly basis.

So to the question, “What am I going to eat?” just click on http://www.glutenfreeweek.com/ !