Potatoes Week

This week's gluten-free menu:
Sunday : Beef Roast, Broccoli, Mashed Potatoes
Monday : Shepherd's Pie, Garden Salad
Tuesday : Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes, Apples, Green Beans
Wednesday : Red Beans and Rice, Roasted Okra
Thursday : Salmon, Rice, and Spinach
Friday : Chicken Nuggets, Fingerling Potatoes, Garden Vegetables

Mmm potatoes. They are so versatile. There are so many ways to make potatoes: mashed, stewed, baked, roasted, and in casseroles. There are so many different kinds of potatoes too. There is the russet potato - the one that I associate with baked potatoes. Then there are the fingerling potatoes that come in all different colors. These are a lot of fun to make and always make dinner a little more interesting. There are the yukon gold potatoes which are great for making mashed potatoes, and the red potatoes which add some nice color to the meal. Somehow potatoes taste better to me when they are organic. I don't always buy organic potatoes, but sometimes if I can find them I do.

This week the Gluten-free Menu Swap is hosted by Heather at Celiac Family.