Gluten-Free Lunches

This week's gluten-free menu:

Sunday - Pork Chops , Broccoli, Potatoes
Monday - Simple Weeknight Chicken, Spinach, Rice
Tuesday - Beef Stew , Green Salad, Crispy Corn Tortillas
Wednesday - Pork Stir Fry
Thursday - Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Wedges, Broccoli
Friday - Chicken Nuggets , Zucchini, Home Fries

About This Week's Menu
Last week the Jambalaya in the crock pot worked well, so I'm going to use the crock pot again this week. This time I'm going to use it for the Beef Stew. It's always a great feeling to come home and realize that you already took care of the cooking for the night! The rest of the week consists of more meat than usual. Lots of protein has been requested this week.

Gluten-Free Lunch Ideas
This week the topic for the Gluten-Free Menu Swap is Gluten-Free Lunches. We cook enough around our house that there are usually a lot of good leftovers that we heat up for lunch. That might be difficult at most schools though. Sandwiches can always be made with gluten-free bread, however in my experience, gluten-free bread gets old and so to keep it interesting gluten-free rice wraps can be used. You can always make your wrap interesting by making a theme like a Greek Wrap or a Hummus Wrap with your favorite meats and vegetables. Here are a couple of wraps that I've tried :

California Wrap
Hummus and Veggie Wrap

If you are really set on good sandwich bread you can always make your own fresh sandwich bread. Gluten-free sandwich bread is really yummy when it's super fresh. My friend has a bread machine with a gluten-free option! She just used Pamela's bread mix and clicks the gluten-free button. Pretty cool! This one has a gluten-free setting and I think this is the one she has :

My experiences with gluten-free bread are just trying different recipes and baking them in the oven but her solution sounds easier! I kind of gave up on making my own bread once I compared it to the bread that Udi's and Rudi's was making but I should try again. It's always nice to have variety and homemade breads can have whatever spices and flavors you want.

For more ideas heck out The Gluten-Free Menu Swap hosted at Celiac Family or check out The Monday Menu Swap at OrgJunkie (not all gluten-free).