Artichoke Week

This week's gluten-free menu:
Sunday - Roasted Turkey Breast, Whole Artichokes, Green Salad
Monday - Spinach Frittata, Tortilla Crisps
Tuesday - Turkey and Artichoke Salad, GF Crackers
Wednesday - Hummus and Veggie Wrap, Fresh Fruit
Thursday -Asian Peanut Pasta
Friday - Salmon and Capers, Cooked Corn, Broccoli

This week is Artichoke Week. On the menu we have a Turkey and Artichoke Salad and Whole Artichokes. I remember growing up and taking the artichoke leaves and sticking the bottoms of them in melted butter. I bought some fresh artichokes this week and that's how I'm going to serve them. I'm also making a Turkey and Artichoke Salad. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is making.

This week is a very easy week. All of the week night meals take less than 30 minutes to make and are very simple. On Monday we're having Spinach Frittatas. Frittatas are great for a Monday because they are fast and low maintenance. Tuesday is the Artichoke Salad. I'm using the bottled artichokes. I've noticed that there is now an option to buy them in glass bottles which is better since I try to avoid canned foods because of BPA. On Wednesday I have a Hummus and Veggie Wrap on the menu. I was inspired by a picture on a Facebook group where a woman posted an image of a veggie wrap with an edible flower. It was a beautiful photo and it looked delicious. I may try to go down to the farmer's market this week to see if I can find something like that. On Thursday Asian Peanut Pasta is on the Menu. Another easy meal that gets a satisfying and veggie filled meal on the table. Friday is Salmon and Capers served with Cooked Corn and Broccoli. I've said before that fish is the ultimate week night meal because it cooks quickly. Who wants a lot of fuss on a Friday? We're tired!

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